The UK Minister to fund Kolkata’s climate change programme

Kolkata: August 27, 2015: To cleanse the environment with low carbon emission and help to decrease the effect of climate change, Kolkata mayor and UK Minister have join hands to take an initiative.

Kolkata known as the ‘city of joy’, the British officials are keen to provide support to the city.

An action against climate change has been taken with a collaboration initiated by Desmond Swayne, Minister of State for International Development of UK.

The official visited Kolkata this Tuesday and promoted the climate change awareness programme with Mayor Sovan Chatterjee.

The mayor expressed his feelings about the alarming increase of pollution in the city. He said that Kolkata is a beautiful city and the tradition and the culture people follow are an age old. He compared the city to London and commented that Kolkata is still a developing city, and the city will very soon get the status of a developed city.

The promotion event was attended by Scott Furssedonn-Wood, British Deputy High Commissioner, Sudarshan Ghosh Dastidar, Environmental Affairs Minister, Govt. of West Bengal and Debashis Kumar, MMIC.

The Ministers from The UK expressed great regard for the collaboration with the West Bengal state government and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, over the issue of environmental conservation. They exclaimed that they were very proud to join hands for such a great cause.

Discussions were held on how to tackle the demands of the urbanization and climate change amongst the ministers. The British Deputy High Commissioner expressed his feeling for the city saying that this city has a deep historical connection with The UK.


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