UK Physicist believes Pluto can harbor Alien Life

According to Brian Cox, a physicist from England, Pluto may be home to a subterranean ocean, which may be warm and adequate to harbor life forms. He is also the one who commented that human life could be the one and only complex life form currently in existence in our vast galaxy.

Cox is off the belief that the rumored glaciers on the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto points towards the existence of a subsurface sea, which is warm enough for organic chemistry to exist with ease.

He comments that as per the pictures streamed by the New Horizons spacecraft while on its flyby past Pluto. It is quite evident that this sea does exist, and if scientists truly understand the origin of life on Earth, Pluto must have living beings on the planet as well. This comment was made in THE TIMES by Cox.

A total of three billion miles was travelled by the New Horizons spacecraft to reach the planet of Pluto for its famed flyby in the month of July, during which, it kept on streaming images to NASA. Some detailed images were captured by the onboard cameras on New Horizons of Pluto and the moons that surround it, namely Styx, Nix, Charon, Hydra and Kerberos.

It is in no way possible for the spacecraft to report whether warm water exists on Pluto, hence, NASA would have to send another probe with thermal imaging to credit or discredit Cox’s theory of the presence of the life harbouring sea.


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