UK Physicist Claims The Presence Of Alien Life In Pluto

English physicist Brian Cox believes that there is a possibility of alien life in Pluto.

This year, in July the New Horizons spacecraft, successfully completed a 3 billion mile journey across the solar system.

It performed a flyby of Pluto where it was able to capture some detailed pictures of the planet along with its moons: Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra.

Brian Cox said that there were chances that life exists in the subsurface ocean of Pluto. The tell-tale ooze of glaciers on the planet determine the possibility of subterranean sea warm enough to host organic chemistry.

In an interview to ‘The Times’, Cox said that if they have understood even the slightest bit about the existence of life on earth, then the probability of presence of living beings on Pluto is high.

These findings are based on the probe of New Horizon spacecraft.

Cox also mentioned that the presence of warm water beneath the dwarf planet is not certain as they have made this statement while considering the evidence of possible life on the moon of other planets closer to home.

This planet is not easily accessible as compared to Jupiter’s moon or Saturn’s moons. One can fly through Titan (seems to have a subsurface ocean) and Enceladus to check the presence of organics in it.

According to Brian Cox, it is likely for the humans to be the only complex life surviving in the galaxy.


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