US Widow Sues Twitter For Allowing Islamic State to Voice Out Its Propaganda


Tamara Fields, a US widow from Florida has sued Twitter for allowing Islamic State to voice out its propaganda linked to terrorist activities. Llyod, husband of Fields died in attacks on November 9, when he was at the police-training center in Jordan, Amman. The widow has accused the social networking platform of allowing the Islamist militant group to use its network for spreading messages to attract recruits and funds.

According to lawyers, specializing in terrorism cases, Fields has a long way to go. However, the case can prove as an awakening. It could force the major social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter to delete the posts that have connections with the terrorist groups. Fields have said in her complaint that Twitter has until now allowed the Islamic State, ISIS unrestricted permission to manage official Twitter accounts.

The complaint filed in the Oakland, California’s federal court further reads that Twitter has contributed to the explosive growth of ISIS over the last few years as the most feared terrorist group around and the enormous growth of the Islamic group would not have been possible without the networking platform of the San Francisco-based company.

Fields ask for triple damage from Twitter

Fields have accused Twitter of violating the federal Anti-Terrorism Act for providing support material to the terrorists and have asked to pay her triple damages. According to her lawyer, it is the first time a social media company is being accused of going against the law. In its answer to the complaint Twitter has expressed grief over the terrible loss of the family however has also said that the lawsuit does not bear any merit.

The statement from Twitter means that the platform does not allow its use for promoting terrorist activities through violent threats and information sharing and just like other social networking sites; the rules of the company are quite clear regarding terrorism.

A law professor at the University of Notre Dame and former US Treasury Department official, Jimmy Gurule said that it is quite sure that social media do play a significant role in helping ISIS recruit foreign fighters.


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