Vermont Ranked 2nd Healthiest State in United States


The United Health Foundation and the American Public Health Association recently released the 2015 Annual Report.

The America’s Health Rankings Annual Report has “analyzed a comprehensive set of behaviors, community and environmental conditions, policies, and clinical care data” to provide a comprehensive picture of the America’s health.

According to the report, North Carolina made the biggest improvements in rank over the past year, rising to 31st from 37th.

Researchers have seen improvement in preventable hospitalizations, decreases in physical inactivity, increases in immunizations among children and adolescents, and continued long-term improvement in less cigarette smoking, fewer cardiovascular deaths, and lower infant mortality.

In addition, there was an increase in rates of drug deaths, diabetes, obesity, and children in poverty.

Louisiana holds 50th position, while Mississippi is at 49th. Other three bottom states are Arkansas at 48th, West Virginia at 47th, and Alabama at 46th.

Here is a completed list of the top 10 healthiest states in the U.S.

#10 Nebraska

healthiest states

#9 Washington

healthiest states

#8 Colorado

healthiest states

#7 Utah

healthiest states

#6 Connecticut

healthiest states

#5 New Hampshire

New Hampshire

#4 Minnesota


#3 Massachusetts


#2 Vermont


#1 Hawaii



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