Video: Japan Becomes World’s 1st Country To Introduce Police Drones

Tokyo Police Drone

Japan has become the world’s first country to create a police drone squad.

The Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department is using special drones to capture illegal flying machines that pose serious security treat.

The Japanese officials believe that terrorists can use such devices for attacks. These drones can be used to transport explosives materials.

In addition, bad guys can use flying machines for other illegal purposes.

Here is a demonstration clip. Watch how the police is using drone to catch drones.

Recently, a task force, created by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), proposed setting up a simple and easy-to-complete registration system for drone owners of drones. The federal agency wants to a system to be in place to better monitor recreational use of the machines.

The task force was given a responsibility to make new rules on hobby drones. Officials say that the growing use of recreational drones could post a serious security threat, as these machines can be used for illegal activities. Also, these hobby drones can create problems for commercial and fighter jets.


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