Video: Texas Man Pays $ 220 Traffic Fine with Two Buckets Of Pennies

A Texas resident pays a Traffic Ticket for speeding with twin buckets of pennies instead of writing out a check. Brent Sanders a man from Frisco, Texas dumped two buckets filled with coins of the least denomination on the counter of a clerk. The hapless clerk was however very cordial and calmly counted the coins.

Brent Sanders a self-explained ‘freedom fighter’ and citizen journalist who did this act is not a cranky or deranged person and works as an IT consultant. He favors the right to open-carry firearms and supports “Copblock,” an association dedicated to keeping an eye on abuses by law enforcement.

He was booked for over speeding and argued with the judge, who will have no more of his hysterics and strange explanations and fined him the highest amount.

Watch video:

Unfazed he bought two buckets and painted Extortion Money over it, filled it with coins and dumped it on the desk of the municipal court clerk’s office. The fine was $222.60, and he paid an excess of $7.81, which he generously donated to the city’s coffers.

Brent even posted the video of his act which he uploaded on the You Tube. It already has more than 1 million viewers. His antics have been covered by an NBC new affiliate. He calls his act as peaceful resistance and compliance at the same time

When asked why he poured his anger on the poor clerk who was doing just her job, Sanders retorted that she is also a part of the system and is being paid with the extortion money.

So there is no need to feel any remorse for the clerk. When the media described him as an anarchist, he said he was a ‘voluntarist’ and was associated with free trade, open market, individual liberty.

What do you think about this man? Is he a revolutionary or just an attention seeker?


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