Video: Truck ‘Full of Dead Bodies’ Found in Austria

A truck full of dead refugees were found abandoned on the side of the highway in Austria this morning. The death toll is expected to rise as 70 bodies have been recovered from the truck so far.

The truck lay abandoned on the side of a busy highway connecting Europe to France and Germany. The police on initial investigation found 50 refugees dead inside the container attached to the vehicle.

The truck and the bodies were discovered on Thursday. The venue from where the incidence was reported lies 10 miles from Austria’s border shared by Slovakia and Hungary.

Thousands of desperate migrants trying to enter Europe have arrived from the countries of Syria, Afghanistan and North Africa.

The migrants had arrived at the borders to seek a different life in the western country.

The incident got reported to the police when the workers at the side of the roads were busy cutting grass; they noticed fluids from the decomposed bodies slipping down the back door of the truck.

The information about the duration of parking of the truck on the particular route is still unknown. When the police were intimidated about a truck on the highway, they were only able to make out that the truck was full of dead bodies.

The forensic team was still dealing with how the incident occurred, and they said the fluids coming out of the back door of the truck were due to the high temperature of the area. The temperature of the area where the truck was abandoned made the depiction of the incident easy.


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