Vitamin C supplements can benefit improving Cardiovascular health, finds research

vitamin c supplements

Overweight and obese people who know they must exercise to shed off the flab hanging on to them but are too lazy to wake up for a morning walk, findings of a new study should be heartily received. Taking a dose of vitamin C supplements daily can benefit their cardiovascular health in the same manner as regular exercise, claims a new study.

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder and the details presented at the 14th International Conference on Endothelin: Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics in Savannah, Georgia, US.

More than half the overweight and obese people who are asked to exercise regularly to improve their health actually don’t heed this advice. The blood vessels of such people battling with weight have a higher activity of the small vessel-constricting protein endothelin (ET)-1. This higher level of ET-1 activity makes their blood vessels more prone to constricting and less responsive to blood flow demand, thereby putting them at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Regular exercise has been known to help reduce ET-1 activity, but getting overweight and obese people to take to exercise is no small feat! This study which examined whether taking vitamin C supplements (which have been reported to improve vessel functioning) could also help in lowering ET-1 activity.

Experts found that a 500 mg dose of vitamin C supplements daily reduced vessel constriction in the same manner as exercise. The flip side of it however is that the same vitamin has been known to cause renal stones too.

“This is not ‘the exercise pill, [Vitamins C] certainly isn’t a new cure …. It’s important to know what other lifestyle changes we can offer people who can’t exercise,” concluded Caitlin Dow, lead author of the study.


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