Watch Ariana Grande Food Fiasco Apology Video

July 9, 2015, saw an update made by Ariana Grande on social media, where she claimed that she had to pay attention, as a public figure, to her role

Ariana then went forward to calling donuts poison.

Last Saturday night, Ariana, on a night out with her friend, was at a donut shop.

She seemed to be having a good time licking unpurchased donuts that were also unattended. Following her licking episode, when shown a large tray of pastries, vehemently turned it down, declaring them to be disgusting treats

Before making such a declaration, she stated that she hated both America and Americans

On Twitter, she resolved to set the record straight by making a public apology and said that she need to clean up her mouth and set a better example for her fans. She also sent her love along with an ‘always learning’.

Ariana, however, failed to acknowledge the improper licking that she had done on the pastry.

She claims that as an advocate of healthy eating, she needs to watch constantly what she eats and expressed how important food was to her.

She then expressed concern over the fashion in which Americans eat food without thinking about the consequence.

Ariana also went on to express her frustration about the fact that the United States has one of the highest child obesity rates.

The Pastry Store, Wolfe’s was being investigated by the authorities of The Riverside Country Department of Environmental Health for alleged food tampering.

According to California law, food had to be kept safe at all times from contact by customers.


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