Watch Kawach Serial 4th September 2016 Episode: Rajbeer Tortures Shakti

In the last episode of Kawach, we had seen Pari getting worried for Rajveer and says that she will not tell about Rajbeer to the family members as they all are sad for Janaki. Dadi asks her that why she is worried. She says that she is just getting tired and then goes to her room. They all then starts preparing for the rituals of Janaki. Saudamini gets worried for Manjulika and says that I have to free her anyhow.


She goes to Tantrik’s den and finds the book of mantras. She then recalls about the thing where Pari will chant the mantras 3 times. She then goes to Pari and enforces her to chant the mantras. Pari do the same but Manjulika doesn’t come out from the ring.

Then Saudamini gets fumes and goes to the Tantrik’s den again. Shakti searches for Natasha in the house. He gets tensed when he was not able to find Natasha. He thinks that it will not be good for him if she will tell the truth to everyone. Rajbeer comes to Pari when she is sleeping and she gets shocked seeing him. She asks him that how he gets saved. Rajbeer tells her that Heera saved her. She gets happy by this.

Then Shakti gets shocked seeing Natasha with a knife. Natasha says that I will kill myself for what you have done to me. She killed herself and Shakti picks her body and take it to Saudamini. Saudamini is preparing to free Manjulika. Then Shakti says that I will kill Pari at any cost. Rajbeer hears him and says that I have to catch him red-handed.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Rajbeer and Natasha made Shakti threat by taking ghosts get up. Shakti tries to go to Saudamini but Rajbeer caught him. Stay tuned for more updates and news like this.


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