Watch Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August Episode: Urmila Gets Afraid Of Jaggi

Krishna calls sister ward boys and shouts on them and asks what they are doing as these people are kidnapping his wife. Kokila sayd please let us take Gopi out. Kokila asks Gopi to be brave and we will take you out of here. Urmila shouts but nurse takes them out. Gopi cries. Dharam becomes worried and Meera asks why you are taking tension as she will be alright. Doctor comes. Dharam asks how is Naiya. Doctor says she is out of danger but.

saath nibhana saathiya

Shravan asks what happened. Doctor says you should take care of her as she is pregnant. Dharam and everyone becomes shocked. Dharam goes out in anger. Kokila talks to lawyer. Lawyer says Krishna is more advantage now and he can take decision for Gopi. Kokila thinks how will we manage. Lawyer says there is no other way. Urmila also worries and says we will fo something. Sona says Krishna has done wrong but what we will do now.

Urmila asks Kokila to think something. Kokila says if she had thought nice then Gopi will not be in this trouble and she pushed Gopi in this situation. She cries and says she gifted Gopi troubles. Urmila tells you are not at fault. Molu says we will protect her. Gopi remembers Jaggi. Mansi comes and says she heard that Gopi is mentally strong but she fainted in two electric shock.

Gopi asks Mansi to stop all this and let her go. Mansi says she cannot let her go as she was waiting for this from ten years and she wanted to see Gopi in this situation. She says i am too happy to see you like this and feeling satisfied. She tells she spent two years in this room and Gopi has to spent all her life here. Gopi pleads that not to do as Lord Krishna will not forgive you. Mansi asks if God exist and where was he when she was subjected to bear all those problems

Mani says no one will come to help her. Jaggi goes to home. He says mom will be sleeping. He finds Urvashi awake and asks if she has not slept. Urvashi says she cannot sleep till her son come. She says now she will not leave him as she had to pay five thousand rupees. Jaggi says no forget all things. He asks she wants her five thousand rupees or her son. She says she will kill him and says you have to earn five thousand rupees first. Jaggi says leave this. He says he will step in this house only after he will earn five thousand rupees.


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