Watch Video of ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s Escape Tunnel

Following drug Lord El Chapo’s escape from prison on July 11, 2014, three top Mexican prison officials were fired amid many speculations that there was inside help in his breathtaking escape.

Among the fired officials is director of the high security prison.

Guzman’s disappearance seems like planned effort, as he was known to be wearing a monitoring bracelet and had all the surveillance cameras designed to check the room all through the day.


However, the sudden weekend escape of the drug lord should come off as a surprised for Mexican authorities, as U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration had alerted the authorities that there were several plans to escape, almost 16 months ago.

In the meanwhile, a manhunt has been launched to nab most infamous drug trafficker of Mexico. Reportedly, he was planning to escape the prison since his arrest in February 2014 after his arrest from a seaside resort.

Also, the The Mexican government has announced $3.8 million as a reward for Guzman’s recapture.

A total of 32 prison employees and many others have been questioned with regards to planned escape.

Guzman has been long considered as the most powerful and richest drug trafficker in the world, and there has been many attempts to nab him, before authorities found success in 2014.

On Saturday last week, Guzman used a planned mile-long tunnel that had ventilation and lighting to escape out of the prison that boasts of high security.

Although previous alerts were found in DEA documents 16 months, there’s was no proofs that showed of escape plans of drug lord on July 11.


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