Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th August 2016 !Raman Ishita Spend Time Together

Ishita says we doesn’t have used sodium bicarbonate and she is thinking why Ashok has raised this issue and he should have read that papers wisely and he thinks a woman cannot do anything. Some women comes and Ishita says they are from some women activist society.

She introduces them from Ashok and tells he thinks that women doesn’t reach upto high level. All women gets angry and says he should not be the minister. Ashok says no he always support Women empowerment and still he said we should give this contract to Ishita. Head says yes Ashok is right and we are giving this contract to Pihu industries.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman sees Pihu happy and Ishita also becomes glad as she got this contract for Raman. Toshi hugs Ishita that she today won another battle. All welcome her nicely and Mihika says Raman will also get happy. Roohi says she has done a mistake as she made Neelu to call Raman.

Ishita thinks He would be in trouble as Principal is so strict. Madhu also comes and praises Ishita. She asks Toshi to see her daughter is nice. Toshi says she is her daughter in law and she has became lioness by living with her. Aadi says we should arrange a party.

Roohi says yes its a good idea and Pihu will also get involved and everything will be fine. Ishita says fine. Romy also comes home and becomes upset. Mihika also comes and gives her sweets. Ishita sees Romy sad and feels bad.

Romy thinks strange family is this as they are celebrating Ishita got the contract and no one is thinking he lost contract. Alia says why Mihir works all time. Mihir says he is CEO of the company and he has to work. She says he has two passes of a concert and she wants him to come with her.

Mihir says he doesn’t knows who is this band. Alia says how is this possible. Mihir says he likes Mohd Rafi and Lata mangeshkar. Alia says who are they. Mihir becomes shocked and thinks how this is possible. Mihir sings song. Toshi says we are not inviting anyone and this party will be in between Aiyyer and Bhallas.

Shagun comes home and calls Pihu. Ishita says why she came here. Shagun says she wants to meet Pihu. Ishita says please dont come as Pihu will not become comfortable with others. Shagun shouts that she is her mother. Ishita says no and she will not make her to meet Pihu. She tells Anil wrote her name in his letter. Raman comes and asks whats happening. Raman says its enough Shagun but he cannot see insult of his wife.


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