Why Did Google Hire Diane Greene?

Alphabet, which owns popular search engine Google, announced that it appointed Diane B. Greene as a boss of the company’s cloud business. In addition, the company has agreed to acquire enterprise development platform startup bebop, which was founded by Greene.

Greene will holds a newly-created position, where she will be responsible for managing Google’s cloud businesses, which includes Google for Work, Cloud Platform, and Google Apps.

Alphabet said in a statement that a new team under the leadership of Greene will bring together product, engineering, marketing, and sales. This move will allow the company to operate in a much more integrated, coordinated fashion.

“She has a huge amount of operational experience that will continue to help the company,” according to a statement by Alphabet.

Greene is a co-founder and CEO of VMWare. She has served as a Google’s board member. The company said that she will remain on the board.

Google is now going to focus on cloud computing, which the company believes “revolutionizing the way people live and work, and there is no better person to lead this important area.” All of Google’s own businesses run on cloud infrastructure. The company said that it has significantly larger data center capacity than any other public cloud provider.

“Since the launch of our first product for businesses, the Google Search Appliance, in 2002, we’ve been building more and more products that help make businesses more productive. From Gmail to Docs to Chromebooks and Google Cloud Platform, we are now helping millions of businesses transform and support their businesses with our Cloud products. In fact, more than 60% of the Fortune 500 are actively using a paid Google for Work product,” Alphabet said in a statement.

Google said that the acquisition of bebop will allow the company to provide integrated cloud products at every level. bebop is a new development platform that makes it easy to build and maintain enterprise applications.

Financial terms of the deal between bebop and Google were not disclosed.


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