Widespread Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Outage Affects Users


There has been a trending problematic situation among Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users who claim to be experiencing an outage and are also unable to access their sites. The networks are back to normal after users worldwide were prevented from logging in to the site for more than an hour now. Not a long while ago, Web-based services as well as mobile services appeared to be down. Users who were experiencing this problem could not see anything more than a landing page that stated that there was something technically wrong and would be fixed soon. Reports claim that the outage seems to be centered in the European location.

The latest official status update from Twitter stated that some users were experiencing problem accessing their Twitter. The status also said that they were aware of the situation and were working on it to find the best resolution. This was a response to a tweet from its support account. Initially, reading the tweet was problematic because the system was completely down.

According to another update, the issue was experienced by some users between 06:23am and 06:33am but it has been fixed. These outages were reported in northern Europe and also appeared to concentrate more on Ireland, Britain, France and Germany according to the information given by DownDetector.uk. It was around 8.20 am GMT when Access to the service began failing and the error messages warning the network is over capacity and suffering an internal error started showing. The reason behind the problem has not been figured out yet. The fact that the problem was wide spread raises concern up to this moment.

Earlier on, Twitter outages were very common that the over capacity of the company was labeled the nickname “the fail whale.” The architecture to the services was what prevented the company from expanding its capacity easily and it would simply add servers to its back end. For that reason, it would collapse very frequently when highly under use especially during major events. As for today, the API status page of the company, which is made for developers, shows that the problems were experienced in most parts of the site. The API status page also showed that the site had the same problem through the night.


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