Yahoo may partner with Google to provide ads search services

Google approached Yahoo in 2008 to serve ads for the former, but the deal didn’t work out back then because the Department of Justice stood against it, saying it could stifle competition and loss of real value to consumers, today it appears that story is changing so soon.

Facts emerged that Yahoo has begun to test search partnership with Google, and that became evident when Aaron Wall of SEOBook caught alternate Yahoo results with Bing ads as well as ads provided by Google after he used various browsers to surf the net.

And while both companies appear to be keeping this under wraps at the moment, Yahoo would only reveal that they are working to present the best of Internet experience to users, and that they are obliged to test variety of options with various search provider partners time and time again.

This became more evident when other users saw number of Google search ads in Yahoo queries when viewed on mobile and desktop platforms. This means both Microsoft and Yahoo may still work together in the nearest future.

Both companies revisited their 10-year partnership this past April, and since Bing had been the exclusive provider of Yahoo’s ads and search results, it appears that might be changing soon.

Yahoo is now free offer about 49% of its search results to other providers without tying itself to Bing any longer.

The only thing tech observers would just say is that it appears Yahoo is still testing the waters, but it remains open that it could sever its deal with Bing by October if any of them chooses to go that way.

But whatever happens, the reaction of the Justice Department on this development remains to be seen.


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