Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd July 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Ishita Happy To Hear Ishi Maa From Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The episode starts with Mani and Ishita talking. Mani says to her that it tough for her if she will stay for more time. Mani says to her and do the packing. Ishita starts crying and looking at the pics. Mani says that what happen come and do packing, if anyone come then you can’t left. Ishita tries to walk outside but she can’t. Mani says now what had happen to you, you are saying to leave, how can you think about that. He says that how can you say to go to Australia, if you will go your soul will stay here and you can’t be happy. Adi says that i am son and you are leaving me you can’t do this. Ishita says sorry and tell Adi that i realize i can’t live without you all. She hugs him and say i am not going anywhere. Mani goes to look for Aaliya.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Aaliya felt drunk. Mihir comes to her and say that you are drunk are you not ashamed of what you are doing. Aaliya says that i am not drunk. She kisses Varun in front of all. Raman comes and take Mihir with him. Raman sees Anil and say that you had chosen a great place to meet your wife, enjoy now.

Anil thinks that what Raman is doing here. Raman ask her to look back. Anil turns and Raman slaps him hard. Raman says to Anil that you are Ismail’s boss. He tells inspector to take him to jail. Anil says that you can’t arrest me without a warrant. Inspector slaps Anil. Mihir says to Raman that he can’t believe that Anil can do it. Raman says that we will find that who is behind this all.

Vandu and Mihika says to Ishita that nobody can stop you and Raman from uniting. Ishita says that what about Pihu, Raman is her father and Shagun is her mother. Shagun done a lot for this family and its very complicated. She gets Raman’s call and get happy to know that Anil is got arrested. Sanika calls Ishita and say that she wants to talk something important to her. Sanika comes to Ishita and says that don’t get my husband arrested, he says that their is a woman behind your kidnapping. Ishita thinks on that who can be that woman.

Ruhi says that i am worried Ishi maa when Pihu says that you are her mom. Ishita gets happy to hear Ishi maa from Ruhi after so many years.


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