Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th July 2016 Online Written Updates: Ruhi Asked About Her Two Mothers

yeh hai mohabbatein

Its very interesting watch the latest buzz going around the serial there is no doubt people love to watch yeh hai mohabbatein as it also become the highest TRP the lead character of the serial got best jodi awards too. As we saw the latest story some kidnappers kidnap ishita but and everyone get shocked after knowing this.

After few time ishita tries to get back to home and anyhow she come back to home while making kidnappers fool. Another side when the judge was asking to ruhi will she leave the house or stay with her family. Suddenly ishita come back to home and raman hugs her.

yeh hai mohabbatein

Raman was tensed about ishita’s kidnapping as he come to know that a lady did all this. It was very interesting to watch how raman catch the main kidnapper. The serial was running with exciting story as mani compel ruhi to stay with her family.

Mani cleared the exact situation which ishita was facing when nidhi blackmailed her that if she would not bring ruhi with her she will kill pihu. While mani was making her understand ishita was listing all this and crying. Mani did all this just because ruhi decided to leave the bhalla house.

After listing all this ishita thought its all happening just because of me i don’t want to stay here ill return to Australia but as usual mani come her and made her understand that its nice to see your family is fine now. You should stay happy with raman and hits family.

He said i also decided setup his all business to India permanently and leave to Australia for further documentation. We are very sure you guys love to watch yeh hai mohabbatein serial more twists are going to entertain you as ruhi will mix-up with her family again.


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