Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2016 Written Episode YHM Recap: Nidhi To Plan Against Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita wakes up and sees time. She gets shocked and thinks she has to read whole presentation. Raman watches her. He asks why you are taking tension. Ishita says she has to prepare otherwise there will be penalty. He asks if she is seeing any tension on his face as his business is in safe hands. Ishita asks about his speech. He says yes he will do it. Ishita says you love Pihu so much and he should tell these things to them also and he will be able to convince them. Then he will be able to take part in competition. He says he will win for sure now. At school. Raman and Roohi sits. Roohi asks him to see speech again. Mam asks Raman to come and talk to members. Ishita also arranges presentation. Mam at school says mother and Child’s relation are so delicate and he is her father.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

This cooking competition is to make children realise that how tough is to make food. Raman becomes tensed and Roohi asks him to read that paper but he thinks of Ishita words to talk with heart. Ishita says about energy drinks and tells that women needs energy drinks more as women do more than Men. Women has to prove herself at every time. She says we have to do work at this marketing. We will keep combined products. She gives superb presentation. Raman stands up and says he respects every mother and he is a father but he wants to become mother for her child. He wants to come close to her daughter and he is taking all responsibilities of Pihu. This competition is to make mother and child relation stronger. He says if they will give him this chance then this will be good.

He tells Pihu won the competition last year and she wants to win this year too and thats why he is trying. All members discusses. Raman and Ishita gets claps from their respective members. Aadi hugs Ishita. Raman gets permission to participate in the competition. Toshi does aarti of Ishita and Raman. Pihu also comes and Toshi says now Raman will participate. Mihika says lets decide the menu. Roohi says we should party. Raman says when we will win then we will do party. Raman tells he has to go to college party and he cannot cancel it. Shagun says their plan flopped and Raman got chance and Ishita too survived. Nidhi says relax and Ishita has not won. Shagun says nothing is impossible for Ishita. Nidhi says Bhalla family will celebrate this for sure. Raman says we will go on date today.


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