Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online YHM: Mihir Get To Know About Alia’s Feelings

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita scolds Shagun and says why she is doing so. Shagun asks how will she stop her. Shagun says Mihir is going in her house and Alia will help her and no one can stop this romance. Ishita says firstly she used Pihu then she is using Alia. Ishita says he told me that he can never love again. Shagun says Alia will bring love in his life. She tells that Mihir sees Alia and Aadi with same eyes. Shagun says she knows that Ishita is concerned of Aadi. Ishita asks if she knows about Aadi. Ishita says how can she do that. Shagun says she wants to destroy Ishita as she snatched Raman and all family members. She asks whose Raman. If he ever said that he loves her or he wants to marry her. Shagun says Raman was only her and Pihu will also become her. She says this custody battle will good. Shagun says she will win Pihu. She also says she will.make sure that Mihir will like Alia and this infatuation will convert in love. Shagun says everybody says she has became bad and its fine when she was good then Raman was not with her. She says she will definitely win.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman says sorry and gives compensation. Man says Mihir does not do like that and his son does not know anything and still doing like this. Raman says he has said sorry and Aadi is not like that. Man says Aditya will not come in office then only they will work. Raman says you are stretching the matter and he holds his collar. Man says now he will tell how will work go on. Ishita sees that. Alia goes to Mihir and asks what will he have. Mihir says she has done already very much and now no need. She brings his clothes. He finds card in his bag. She asks what is this. He says this card is of Rinky and he shows also mug which she gifted her. He says Rinky is with him always.

Romy comes home. Toshi asks Romy. He goes. Mihika sits on bed. She asks what is this Romy. He asks what are those papers doing with her. Toshi says how dare you to think to give divorce to Mihika. She says she will kill Sanchi and never let Sanchi come in this house. Vandu says i will tear these papers. Mihika and Romy says no. Mihika says this is degree of Romy of MBA. Romy says Sanchi is his teacher who was teaching him MBA. He tells that he was taking tutions from him and meets him in hotel. Flashback starts and he says i will learn everything from you. He says Sanchi helped him so much.

Toshi says she is teacher but he is idiot and why he did not tell this to us. Mihika says i know why he he did not tell us as he wanted to make me proud. Mihika cries. He says he wanted to complete MBA and he wants to see him happy. Mihika says she thought these are divorce papers and she was scared. He says how can i give divorce to you. Vandu and Toshi goes. He hugs her.


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