YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus: Shagun Will Get Aaliya And Mihir Married

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Alia says she has to go as Mihir has taken breakfast or not. Mani says everyone to there is take care of him. Alia says there should be someone with Mihir. Shagun comes and support Alia. She persuades Mani as she is also going to hospital. Romy goes to office and says his courier is about to come and she should tell him. Romy says he has to show those papers to Mihika. Toshi and Vandu becomes scared that whether they will be divorce papers. Toshi says no this is not possible. Vandu says he wants to marry Sanchi. Mihika listens all this. Vandu says we should consult Ishita. Toshi agrees. Mihika thinks which papers they could be. Roohi gives rose to Mihir. She says get well soon. Simmi says how are you feeling.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

He says i am fine. Mihir asks where is Aadi and why he did not come. Raman says he went to office to take care of work. He asks what happened Ishita. Nurse asks how are you and where is your girlfriend. Shr says she loves you so much and she took hospital in air. Raman says Alia is so young. Nurse says she was so worried about Mihir. Ishita stops her and says why you came here to gossip. Raman says its strange. Ishita says you are Nurse. Roohi doubts Ishita. Roohi asks what happened Ishimaa and why you are behaving strange from morning and she can help her. Ishita says nothing you take prescription. Roohi says she knows she is hiding something. Aadi goes to office and thinks about Alia. He cries. A man comes to Aadi. He says he came here to meet Mihir. Man says you dont know about factory and Mihir knows everything about factory.

Man says he will call Mihir. Aadi gets angry and says please tell me. He beats him. Man says this thing will go far and he will not leave him. Peon says Aadi is not like that may be he is tensed. Alia hugs Mihir. Mihir thanks Alia. Alia gives fruit to Mihir. He says he can eat on his own. Mihir says he has eaten food and he promise that he will eat later. Toshi gives papers to Vandu and asks to see what is this. Mihika asks what happened. Mihika says these are for Romy. She opens envelope. She gets shocked and goes.

Toshi says surely they were divorce papers. Doctor says we have to keep Mihir here. Raman says can we take Mihir to home. Shagun says Mihir will.come with me. Raman says no he is comfortable in Raman’s house. Ishita worries how will Aadi react. Raman gets to know Aadi slapped man. Aadi shouts on Raman. He says yes he is mad. Raman asks Ishita to tell what happened.


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