You-Tube To Launch Live-Streaming 360 Degree Videos

You-Tube intends to launch live-streaming 360-degree videos and hence have been meeting different camera manufacturers to convert the idea into reality. No statement or timeline have been released from You-Tube regarding such developments. However, the company is trying to set up specifications along with the camera manufacturers enabling people to stream live 360 degrees videos from their 360-degree cameras just as they do with their regular cameras.

The 360-degree videos are much in demand today and YouTube, which is at the forefront of this trend, wants to increase momentum and maintain demand for its videos by making them available on the 360-degree cameras. These types of videos became viral in March 2015 and later on, they expanded on the virtual reality headsets. And the video site owner does not want to stop at it but is keen on taking this popularity for live videos further.

YouTube to build high-quality platform for live videos

YouTube intends to build up a high-quality platform for live 360-degees videos so that the result is maintained irrespective of who is shooting the video and what type of 360 cameras they are using. This is the reason YouTube is contacting manufacturers of undisclosed 360-degree camera so that the company can come up with right cameras for its high-quality platform.

Although the planning seems easier, it is not going to be that easy to put the idea into practicality. Why? Because, only a few of 360-degree cameras currently available on the market are worth the feat and even then, their video output do not match the quality that YouTube is expecting, and many of them are only designed to suit the operators requirement.

The problem with most of the today’s camera is that those capable of producing videos at 360 degrees shoot different videos at one time and pull together the finalized footage after the film is complete. It is acceptable for those videos that can be uploaded later on; however, it does not work well in case of live streaming videos, as the platform requires exact specifications of each camera.


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