Apple launched iOS 11.2: Beta 5 for developers and public testers

Here is a journey from iOS 11.2.1 to 11.2.5, watch out the updates and fixes since the launch of the first beta version of 11.2.

iOS 11.2 Developer beta 5

Giant technology brand Apple launched iOS 11.2 beta five among all its iPhones and others devices. Developers and public developers can now test the beta 5 of iOS 11.2 which brings numerous bug fixes and qualitative improvements.

Almost all iOS users are curious to get the final iOS 11.2 as it is expected to come with many fruitful upgrades and updates for the Apple devices. For iOS 11.2.5 there are no user-facing changes observed till now, an in-depth research over bug fixes and changes in under process by a large number of developers.

About iOS 11.2: Beta 1 (11.1.1)

From the first beta version of iOS 11.2 company is trying to fix all the bugs and to introduce a new layer of technology. Last iOS version 11.1 fixed almost all the bugs and added a bunch of new emoji.

About iOS 11.2: Beta 2 (11.2.2)

In the second beta version, Apple introduced Apple Pay Cash. Now it is also expected to bring iMessages in iCloud. If you are a US resident and more than 18 of age, then you just need a two-factor authentication for adding your card to the wallet. The update also added three new wallpapers for the iPhone X. The 2nd beta version also fixed the weird capital-I bug. It also bought the first deal for subscription of streaming services which should effect tvOS 11.2 as well.

About iOS 11.2: Beta 3 (11.2.3)

After a week for the release of the second beta version, the company launched the 3rd beta version for testing which brought two significant changes. The first one was the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggle behavior in the Control Center which started explaining in a new pop-up window and a small indicator on the lock screen to show where the control center is.

The second prominent change was a faster wireless charging which made the device more. This amplification of wireless load was 50% much faster than with the use of power adapter which comes in the box.

About iOS 11.2: Beta 4 (11.2.4)

The fourth beta version is still not available for public testers instead it is open to developers only. Some reports from developers suggest that this beta version was to fix the lock screen issue of iPhone X which turns unresponsive when coming in contact with cold weather.

iOS 11.2 Release Details

Till date, there is no official release from the company projecting the release of the final version. With the quick release of beta versions, the company is seemingly planning for an early launch of the final version. Last few beta released didn’t introduce any significant changes, so it projects towards a sooner release of final iOS 11.2.


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