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Planet 9, NASA, Kuiper Object, Ultima Thule

Planet 9: Bigger Than Our Planet Earth

There is a world beyond our universe and the planet which scientists think can become the part of our solar system is Planet 9, it is beyond our reach but it is believed that...
Jupiter, Earth, Juno, NASA

A Lot Of Similarities Found Between Earth and Jupiter By NASA’s Juno

According to the new data by NASA's Juno spacecraft, the lightning on Jupiter is as identical to Earth's lightning. Juno spacecraft shared some amazing pictures which disclosed some amusing data that the whole mankind...
New Horizon, Ultima Thule, NASA

Evidence Of Water Found On Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule, the Kuiper Belt object which was found by NASA's new horizon spacecraft. The photos and the data collected from the New Horizon is being studied since a while now and the new...
Ultima Thule, NASA, Interstellar Space, Nazi

Is Ultima Thule Related To Nazis?

If you will go deeper in the space beyond the Earth, you will find the terrains of Mars, the dangerous storms of Jupiter, the beautiful and delicate rings of Saturn and the cold Uranus...
European Planck

New Study Shows That Our Universe Is A Billion Years Younger Than We Know

Seems like our universe is not as old as we have been told. Well, we all mess up sometimes because we are humans and so do the astronomers as they are human too for...
Moon, Beresheet, NASA

The Images Captured Of The Crashed Beresheet May Help Study More About The Lunar

The Israeli spacecraft which did not make it to expectations may have a lot to help scientists with. Beresheet aircraft by SpaceIL crash-landed on the moon and was found by NASA's LRO which stands...
Congress, Shep Doeleman, Katie Bouman

Black Hole Discussed With The Congress By Katie Bouman And Other Scientists

Katie Bouman's speech at the congress hearing about the formation of the Black Hole images and what is going to be the future of the project was commendable. Bouman who is a computer scientist...
International Space Station, North Alabama, NASA

Schedule Of International Space Station Fly Over Huntsville

What if you could see the International Space Station from the Earth? Exciting isn't it. Yes, it is possible that you can watch the ISS moving right in the sky and if you are...
Chandrayaan-2, NASA, ISRO

Chandrayaan-2 Will Carry NASA’s Tech To The Moon

Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is going to take off in July and the news is that it will carry NASA's “passive experimental instrument” to the Moon. As per the news, NASA...

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