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Smell Of The Space, Astronaut, Chris Hadfield, outer space

Smell Of The Space Revealed By The Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield

As space is almost all vacuum, no sound can be heard. But the solar system isn't as strict to the sense of smell, according to what Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield experienced, says space smells like...
ancient fossil, Tennessee Lake, trilobite

Young Girl finds An Extremely Rare 475 Million-Year-Old Fossil Near Tennessee Lake

A Young girl from Tennessee, on her walk along the Douglas Lake in Dandridge, discovered something not so ordinary on the lake shore, which later turned out to be a 475-million-year-old fossil dating back to the Paleozoic...
Headless horse, fossils, ancient horse,ancient horse fossils

Headless Fossil Of An Ancient Horse Found By The Utah Family In Their Backyard

"We started to dig with our fingers and found ribs," said Bridger Hill, the homeowner. He with his family was into a landscape project when he found some ancient fossils. The family from Utah...
UK, Banning, Plastic Straws, Other Single Use Things

UK Is Banning Plastic Straws and Other Single Use Things: An Eco Friendly Step

Taking into consideration the enormous number of plastic straws and other single-use things used every year, UK Prime Minister Theresa May declared a proposal to ban plastic straws and single-use plastics during a meeting with Commonwealth...
Signs of Next SuperVolcano Eruption, Yellowstone, SuperVolcano Eruption, SuperVolcano, volcano

Clear Warning Signs About The Next SuperVolcano Eruption: Yellowstone

The new research claims we don’t have to bother about the volcano. Yellowstone National Park may be revealing some scary signs of being the next Supervolcano, but not so early. It turns out that...
Marine Biologist, Julia Baum, National Award

Marine Biologist Julia Baum Won National Award And A Grant Of $250,000

An international rising star in marine conservation ecology Julia Baum, a University of Victoria marine biologist has won a prestigious award; a National award and a lucrative grant of whooping $250,000 for her research...
dead zone, arabian sea,

Massive Dead Zones Are Taking Over Huge Part Of The Arabian Sea

A huge ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Oman is growing in size, according to research scientists who predict the oxygen-scarce area is dangerous than previously thought and poses a threat to the ecosystem. Back...
aliens, visit earth, gravity

Aliens Don’t Visit Earth As They Can’t Leave Planet’s Strong Gravity

In the search of alien life forms, Michael Hippke, an astrophysicist from the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany, came up with a remarkable hypothesis, indicating that aliens, probably exist, yet may not be able to...
matel free, meta-material,

Metal-free meta-material can be Dynamically Tuned By Light

Scientists at the Duke University have developed the first metal-free, dynamically tunable metamaterial for regulating electromagnetic waves, i.e. it can be tuned by light. The strategy could form the foundation for technologies varying from advanced security...

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