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TESS, Exoplanet, Satellite, NASA

TESS, a new Exoplanet Hunter Satellite by NASA

NASA's dauntless hunt for the planets in orbit around the brightest stars and closest to the Earth has been made conceivable by the dispatch of the rocket named SpaceX Falcon 9. TESS has effectively...
ice circle, artic, mysterious, nasa

Ice Circles in the Arctic Ice is creating Mysteries

At places like the arctic sea, where the temperatures are typically below freezing point on even the hottest days on the Earth, seeing random patterns of holes on ice can't be expected. The scientists are getting...
stephen hawking, signed book, auctions

Stephen Hawking’s rare Signed Book is up for Auctions at $28,000

A book that the late physicist Stephen Hawking anyhow signed in 1973, back at the time when he could still hold a pen and pen down his autograph, is going up for the auctions...
Children Muscle, Muscle recovery, endurance athletes

Children’s Muscles Recover Faster than Endurance Athletes | Latest Research

We all have seen children who can run and play for hours and hours continuously, taking only short rests. Children's muscles are not just fatigue-resistant but recover quickly from high-intensity exercises, even faster than...
Flint, Activist Flint Activist, leeanne walters

Flint Activist leeanne Walters won Environmental Prize

The Flint Activist, who founded a citizens' movement that helped to expose the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is being hailed as an environmental savior and is one of the recipients of the prestigious...
cloudless, scotland, highland, nasa, iss

Rare Cloudless view of Scottish Highlands captured by NASA

A rare and breathtaking image of the Scottish Highlands on a cloudless day in winter has been captured by the International Space Station (ISS). This image was taken in February on a Nikon D5 digital...
b-sat 4b, ssl, Arianespace, launch, B-SAT-4b

B-SAT-4b Satellite to be Launched by Arianespace for Olympics 2020

Arianespace got a contract through Space Systems / Loral (SSL) to launch the BSAT-4b satellite from B-SAT (Japanese operator Broadcasting Satellite System). Marking the tenth satellite launch for B-SAT by Arianespace, the satellite will be positioned in geostationary...

Helpful methods and tools to manage your stress when studying

It’s important to manage your stress when studying if you don’t want to end up feeling overwhelmed, so use helpful methods and tools to succeed. How to manage your stress Many people think that students’ life...
US Army

Were US Troops Guilty In The Use of Comfort Women in South Korea

Where military troops go, prostitutes follow. That’s the ugly truth. And while this phenomenon isn’t limited to the US military, America’s GIs are in the spotlight because of the sheer number of US troops...

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