Confirmed! ‘Street Fighter V’ to receive six new characters

During the Capcom Cup, the company unveiled six upcoming DLC characters for Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V
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Fans of Street Fighter V are in for a surprise. According to the latest announcement made by Capcom, Street Fighter V is about to witness the introduction of six new characters. In a series of surprising revelations announced towards the end up the annual Capcom Cup of this year, the game developers have promised that the fans of Street Fighter V are in for a huge surprise this time.

Fans have long been posting requests to Capcom, insisting on the addition of newer characters. It appears that Capcom has finally given in to their demands. By what the game developer had to say back at the event, some of the long-requested fan favorites will also be seen as being introduced in Street Fighter V shortly. Apart from this, there are two new fighters with their exclusive powers that will be seen as being presented in the game.

The characters that are set to return to the game are Cody and Sakura along with Sagat and Blanka. As can be recalled, Sakura and Cody initially made their debut with the premiere of the Alpha series in Street Fighter V. On the other hand, Sagat and Blanka made their respective appearances with Street Fighter 2 back in the day. Unfortunately for the ardent followers of these characters, these faces were never to be seen after that. Therefore, it indeed comes across as a pleasant surprise for all those looking forward to being empowered with these marvelous fighters in Street Fighter V.

As far as the other two brand-new faces are concerned, there is a presidential-looking, bearded hulk called “G.” The character sports a large top hat and bulk. He is accompanied by a female fighter called “Falke.” It has been established that Falke is intimately connected to Ed. There isn’t too much background information available for the above mentioned two characters.

According to a report by Gamespot, the six new introductions are strategically placed by Capcom to fill up the content quota of this season for Street Fighter V. Ideally; the game developer prefers to introduce one character at a time. However, they seem to have decided to break the tradition. Followers are, therefore, led to believe that they might not receive any significant announcements for the game from the side of Capcom for a long time now. Coming back to the characters, Sakura is set to be made available on January 16, 2018. This is the same date wherein Capcom plans on launching Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Sakura is considered to be a significant introduction, as the game developer has accompanied this character’s launch with an exclusive story, battle, and costumes. What’s even more exciting is that Sakura is also going to receive her stage called the “Kasugano Residence.” As noted by Gamespot, the “Kasugano Residence” is based on Sakura’s Alpha 2 stage. Capcom has even posted an official trailer wherein Sakura can be seen posing on her formal stage. The release date for the other five characters is yet to be known. There’s however, a cinematic video available for viewing on Street Fighter V’s official YouTube page. Fans can check out what they can expect there.

Capcom even decided to announce the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection during the official Capcom Cup event. According to a report by PlayStation Lifestyle, the special edition consists of twelve different games including the original Street Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 3: Third Strike as well as Street Fighter Alpha 3. The game developer confirmed that this exclusive compilation would be made available for users in May next year.


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