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Coronavirus Live Updates: US death toll tops 20,000, higher than any other country

The US surpassed Italy in coronavirus death with 20,294 cases till now.

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Image Source: David Ryder/Reuters

The Johns Hopkins University released a new data report that signifies that the United States has surpassed Italy on Saturday in the total number of coronavirus deaths in the world. The data reflects the US to be on the top of the death toll which is not at all good.

At least 20,071 deaths have been reported from COVID-19 in the U.S. while Italy has suffered a total of around 19.468 fatalities. New York is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak where most of the deaths and cases have been reported.

The US is suffering from most fatalities followed by Italy then followed by Span (16,353) than France (13,851).

While the confirmed cases have crossed a mark of half of a million in the U.S as of Friday night, constituting almost one-third of all the cases reported across the world according to data from Johns Hopkins University. On Friday the total number of death across the globe passed the 100,000 marks.

The origin of this invasive virus ‘Wuhan” has now been locked out of the pandemic while other countries including France, US, UK, India, etc are suffering heavily from this virus.

The virus entered the United States in December 2019 when the first case was reported and it took a lift so quickly that the management and authorities failed to pre-plan for the pandemic. And in this, all one mistake is from the WHO (World Health Organisation) as well as the organization failed to declare it as a human transmittable virus on time which led to numerous death.

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Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday said in a statement that the hospitalizations seemed to be plateauing in New York State.

“The number of hospitalizations appears to have hit an apex, and the apex appears to be a plateau,” He said. “The hospitalization rate is down, and that’s important. We have more people getting infected still, we have more people going into the hospital, but we have a lower number… Fewer people are going into the hospitals, still a net positive.”

Cuomo said the number of deaths in New York is stabilizing, but stabilizing “at a horrific rate.” And on the three-day averages, he said: “All the numbers are on the downward slope.”

For ICU admissions, Cuomo sad the three-day average is down, but also mentioned that the figures might be misleading because previously ICU sections were specified within the hospital while now the entire hospitals are operating as ICUs.



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