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Dream Chaser: Space aircraft that could supply NASA lunar space station

Image Credit: Tech Crunch

The development of the ‘Dream Chaser’ is in progress by the SNC (Sierra Nevada Corporation). Dream Chaser is a reusable spacecraft that is designed to ferry cargo to the International Space Station and then to bring it back to earth. The Dream Chaser spacecraft makes a landing on a runway like a Space Shuttle. Today in Florida, at a Press event at Kennedy Space Center, the company revealed about the Dream Chaser.  

More about the Spacecraft ‘Dream Chaser’

Dream Chaser is a full-scale model on-site that is ejectable, disposable, and secondary cargo vehicles. This vehicle could itself dock with the ISS while in orbit. Dream Chaser could take on waste cargo from the station, and then the spaceship does a controlled de-orbit to burn up in the atmosphere so that nothing is left behind. The Dream Chaser is a versatile spaceship that includes extended vehicle’s mission capabilities with safe disposal of material. 

The Space ship is not only designed to take the waste and the disposal of the waste; it also includes the capability of reaching and resupplying the Lunar Gateway that is the moon-orbiting space station. A satellite bus attachment to the spacecraft is a must to make the trip happy. Dream Chaser will also be able to participate in a more involved way in NASA’s Artemis program. 

The designs of the Dream Chaser improve its capacity to become an orbital satellite. The Dream Chaser is designed in such a way that it allows an inflatable module to be attached to it due to which it could convert into a high payload and power-capacity orbital platform. But currently, the Dream Chaser spacecraft is under construction, but the company is targeting to launch its first mission for the year 2021. 



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