molly ringwald, father, sowthwest airlines, doctor, molly ringwald father

Molly Ringwald offered her thanking gratitude to Southwest Airlines and a specialist doctor on board the plane for saving her father’s life who narrowly survived a life-threatening medical condition. This came a week after the airline got a string of negative headlines; pummeled for a tragic incident that brought about a traveler’s demise. This was contrary to the frustrated social media posts and comments they all were making against the airline companies of incompetent crews and some sketchy questionable deeds.

molly ringwald, father, sowthwest airlines, doctor, molly ringwald father

This is what she wrote on Twitter on Thursday- “We all love to publicly vent against airlines yet today I might want to thank Southwest Airlines and the doctor who happened to be onboard,”. She further added- “They emergency landed the plane for my dad. Only because of their professionalism and speed, my father’s life was saved.”


Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald is a well known outstanding jazz piano player, who happens to be blind, was on board a flight to Austin, Texas, when he experienced an unspecified medical condition.

A doctor on load onto the plane treated him and the plane was diverted to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he was taken care by the emergency medical crew and shifted to hospital.

The airlines company also connected with the actress and requested her to directly message the names of the crew members that assisted her father in order to give them appreciation and recognition.

Getting some relief after reading Ringwald’d Tweet, Southwest Airlines replied, writing, “Molly, we are so happy to know that your father was taken care of by our Crew members today. We would love to catch up further so that we can recognize our Crew.”

The news came as a good review for Southwest Airlines, which is, as yet, reeling from a tragedy last week. A flight to Dallas turned into a tragic accident after one of the engines was harmed. The plane had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

A spokesperson for the Southwest airlines said in a statement to Fox News- “While we are not able to share the details of the emergency, we are proud of our flight attendants, crew members and pilots who do outstanding things every other day to ensure safety is at the forefront of everything they do.”

The incident came about to the demise of a traveler, 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan, who apparently got drained out of the window. There were under 10 individuals who were harmed as well.

The deadly mischance is the first for the airline company since 2009. Southwest Airlines conceded that their appointments had plunged after the mishap. It likewise said it has reviewed and inspected most of its aircrafts.

molly ringwald, father, sowthwest airlines, doctor, molly ringwald father

The Pretty in Pink actress has recorded her own solo jazz albums and has even collaborated with her dad and his band, known as the Fulton Street Jazz Band. Ringwald’s dad once told the Los Angeles Times in 1989- “She used to sing with us until a few years ago,”. “Now she’s too busy. Her next film is expected to be out this summer. It’s named ‘Loser Takes All.’ “

Before becoming a teen icon and influencing many youngers with 1984’s Sixteen Candles, Ringwald relied on her musical talents so as to work in show business, recording tracks on two Disney albums.

Ringwald played Claire Standish in the 1985 film The Breakfast Club. The film rotated around five secondary school students who met on typical one Saturday morning for confinement, the time when they could share their stories, a long ways from how they were seen by every other person.

Last week, Southwest Airlines had to cancel around dozens of flights after Jennifer Riordan, 43, was tragically killed when she was partially sucked by a window that had been broken by the debris which came from an engine that blew. Aviation authorities in the U.S. and Europe have ordered safety checks on hundreds of the flying machines of that engine model.

In March, the Southwest airline caught fire after a video emerged of a taxiing plane returning back to its door to kick off a rowdy young girl and the toddler’s parents.

Additionally that month, pilots were compelled to redirect the plane heading to Dallas after the lodge filled with smoke from an electrical fire.


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