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Airing, December 3, 2018, on NBC

In the last of Days of our lives Leo reveals about late being involved in the blackmailing, this all is opened up at Kiriakis house. But doesn’t believe his years, Leo explains kate taking over after Vivian’s death and that Kate was working with to blackmail Sonny.

Days of our Lives 03 December recap. Leo was ordered to accept the settlement as she didn’t want to take down Titan when Chad took over the reins. Leo later discloses about Kate working with Ted on the blackmail. Will goes to find his grandmother and finds the truth from her. Leo confesses that once he marries Sonny, he won’t let anyone including Will embarrass him over Salem. Leo gets snipped by Sonny and surprisingly Leo doesn’t mind. He decides to give him 24 hours to make a decision but if he doesn’t what Leo wants then he will destroy Will and Sonny.

 At Casa DiMera, Stefan comes to know that Ben locked him out as he was paid by Chad to do so and it was nothing personal. Stefan was in a need of a new security head and Ben needed a job and takes him in confidence that he is adept to spotting the weaknesses in the security system after being locked up. Stefan hires Ben, he places his first order to secure the house before Charlotte reaches home. At the cabin island, Ted’s gets red wine which he missed the most during his kidnapping time. Hope demand to get her the goods that were Ben’s. Ted cooks as she tells him about her marriage with Rafe, but Ted brings up Rafe cheating on her with Sami as well as admires Hope for forgiving Rafe as he thinks that he could never do that if he was in her place.

Rafe meets Gabi in the square. Rafe is stressed over his sister, having found out about Abigail’s assault. Gabi guarantees him she’s fine and supposes he “should stress over poor Abigail.” Rafe specifies Abigail blaming her for gaslighting her. Gabi calls it false. Rafe looks wary. She professes to have settled her issues. Kate guards Gabi and Rafe apologizes to his sister. He goes and Kate damns Gabi for driving her to deceive the cops. Kate can’t trust Gabi conceded they both gaslit her. Kate’s irritated. “Fantastic.” Gabi brags. Gabi needs Stefan to bond with the child first. Kate calls Stefan “bounty reinforced.” Kate offers to do it for her, however, Gabs consumed the first paternity results.

In his tan suit, Chad visits Abigail in Bayview. She evacuates the sweeping she’s covering up under and instructs him to leave, irate that he trusted that “malevolent plotting liar, Gabi. The organized escorts Chad out and Abby approaches the systematic for help with something.

Back at the Chateau, Stefan goes to see Abigail while Ben gets a call from Ted. Expectation touches base at SPD and drops a receipt for the ship excursion to Smith Island. Rafe questions her.

Chad lands at the Kiriakis chateau. He drinks a shot and reveals to Sonny that Abby supposes he deceived her. Sonny’s sad. He informs him regarding Kate being associated with the lewd behavior claim. Did Chad know? Stefan visits Abigail at Bayview. She enchantingly pulls down her cleans to demonstrate her shoulder and when Stefan calls her name, she says, “No, it’s Gabby.”

Sonny is totally devasted as the reason is not known yet, but very sure it is going to be a hard one this time. Whereas, Rafe has a question for his wife, seems like their marriage is on stake now, find out in the next episode airing on Monday the 3rd of December. Till then stay tuned

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