The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap
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The Good Doctor has been all about the emotions, interesting cases, operations, and Dr. Shawn Murphy. The dedication of the characters make this series more special, though, this episode was the most intense one ever yet of The Good Doctor, episode 10 was the fall finale which leads to a lot of lives at risk.

The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap starts with Dr. Lim and Dr. Melendez sharing the same bed and deciding not to do that again, Dr. Lim informs that she’s going to handle the ER for the day. At the hospital, two patients arrive as they collapsed outside the airport, Dr. Lim and Dr. Murphy attend them, one of the patients dies on the bed and Murphy discovers that they were infected by an airborne disease and now the whole ER is at a risk of infection, they move the infected patients to the facility and had to quarantine themselves and everyone at the ER as there was a severe risk of the infection to spread. Lim, Shaun, and Reznik were stuck in the quarantine, and to make the conditions even worse, Shaun was irritated by all the Christmas decorations and a light which was buzzing and only noticeable to Shaun.

The second patient also dies, and when Shawn notices Tyler the EMT guy who was into Reznick gets infected too, he was also rushed to the pressure room. On the other hand Dr. Malendez, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Park were handling a case where a leukemia patient is all about to die it does not get a bone-marrow transplant on time as the doner was his father and was stuck in the quarantine, Dr. Melendez tries to pin Dr. Andrews about a possible idea but it does not work and the patient dies on the bed due to disease spread.

He signed a DNR but Melendez still brings him back by going against his will. Meanwhile, Dr. Park’s son also got himself locked down in the quarantine area as he just was visiting his father for the holidays, it seems that they do not get along but Park loves his son so much that as soon as he gets the news he reaches to him and talk him through.

There was a patient who needed to be cared of, the guy in the Santa costume named Pete had a bowel obstruction and needs a surgery, they set up an operating station outside the pressure room as Dr. Lim was also got infected and locks herself in the pressure room. Dr. Murphy and Dr. Reznick start the operation in Dr. Lim’s observation behind the doors but an emergency call in and Murphy had to rush where he gets disturbed due to the light bulb buzzing sound, on the side, Park’s son faces an asthma attack and everyone started to panic. As Dr. Raznick was all left to operate Pete, Lim keeps on instructing Raznick but a time comes when Lim faints and falls due to the infection

The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: Elsewhere, since Shaun was stuck at the hospital, Lea drives Glassman to his imaging appointment, When he was done, he asks the nurse to hand over him the reposts so he can deliver them to Dr. Blaize. He promises not to look but he does so and finds out that he not getting any better.

The scene closes with every one of these strings meeting up, bringing about an enormous blend of cliffhangers as Lim go out on the floor, Santa’s medical procedure slowed down, Park’s child in the ER having an asthma assault, Shaun tumbling to the floor and having an emergency as the sounds and lights and bedlam are very much for him, Glassman understanding his malignancy is back, and Melendez’s patient being destroyed back to life.


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