The Young and the Restless, The young and the restless today's episode, the young and the restless 06 December 2018
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The Young and The Restless Recap starts at Devon’s house as he battles to control his anxiety. While Rebecca Barlow listens to a chronicle by Renee, Anna pulls Devon aside and encourages him to take his nervousness prescription. First Devon denies but however takes a pill, it works and he joins Barlow to declare the video gathering with Renne. Devon admits that he can deal with his anxiety but things went into another direction from him, Ana won’t back off and Devon doesn’t want her to.

In The Young and The Restless Recap 06 December, At the station, Victoria, and Nikki contend with Rey, who wants to know about the off chance that they aren’t so certain. Victoria cautions he doesn’t threaten her, Ray draws her about Victoria going AWOL. Victoria doesn’t know where he is, and regardless of whether she did, wouldn’t let him know. Rey faculties there’s something she’s not letting him know. Rey butts head with Nikki next, who is furious about him focusing on Victor.

At home, Nick talks to Phyllis asking him to go out with another lady by thinks about whether it’s a test that he’ll pass. Phyllis confirms that it’s Rebecca Barlow and they are going to eat together and talk about properties. Phyllis says to Scratch that Rebecca can be an asset to him and she doesn’t know that they’re a couple. Scratch ponders whether to be offended or complimented, yet consents to help. He’ll expect something consequently… they begin making out.

Strain stays among Mariah and Tessa at home. Mariah doesn’t realize what will help and says she needs to go.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon’s shocked to hear Billy talking about how well he and Phyllis are doing. Sharon needs to know whether all he’s keen on is calmly existing together at work with Phyllis. Billy doesn’t need sharpness any longer and can’t despise her. Sharon still thinks about Nick, however, can never return to him. Mariah meets with Kyle and updates him on her challenges with Tessa. He supposes it might be a great opportunity to bail. Mariah can’t leave since she’s frightened to death that she won’t discover another person. Kyle jeers – she’s interesting, lovely and genuine. Mariah acknowledges she needs to say a final farewell to Tessa. Afterward, Rey occurs by and Mariah suggests having an awful day.

At Victoria’s home, Nikki’s spent about Victor’s vanishing, the firearm, and the bleeding shirt.  She goes upstairs to content Sharon and Phyllis. Nikki eyes the liquor and sets out a glass of wine, Nikki wine which she covers up when Victoria returns. They advice Sharon that Rey found a strict conclusive evidence. Sharon gets up to speed and thinks about whether Victor executed JT after they ‘figured’ they did. Victoria keeps up Victor wouldn’t have abandoned proof, and Nikki considers Jack might set him up. Sharon chooses it’s undeniable who did it – the individual who ought to be here with them. Nikki states, “Phyllis.” Sharon spreads out her hypothesis that Phyllis returned for the body and concealed it. Victoria needs to put a conclusion to this now.

At the Club, Nick visits Rebecca Barlow about the properties, Billy’s upset that they complement each other, and she trusts she’s not keeping him from a sweetheart. Scratch answers that he’s the place he needs to be. Billy touches base at the bar and notification the match. Barlow reveals to Nick they’ll settle the negotiations in her suite. Billy watches them leave together. In the suite, Barlow pours wine, spills it on herself, and changes into underwear. Scratch ungracefully asks her to sign the agreements. She murmurs it can pause.

Billy reaches Nick’s place and educates Phyllis that Nick is now undermining her. Phyllis giggles and clarifies Nick’s helping them out. Billy’s distrustful. Phyllis wonders about his worry and reminds him he slept with Summer. Billy says that, and still thinks about Phyllis. She thinks about whether he’s requesting that she get back together. They both choose he should leave.

Tessa abandons her loft to meet Mariah, who messaged her. She is locking the entryway when somebody puts a dark pack over her head from behind. Tessa shouts and drops her keys. Now, Nikki is in a terrible situation and is in danger.

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