Lethal Weapon season 3 episode 9
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In the last episode of Lethal Weapon, the new case hops in related to murder and burglary. Cole accidentally damages the ADA’s car while talking on the phone while driving, he comes to know about her identity when he finds her face timing with Captain Avery and Murtaugh. at which they come to know about the bomb planted in a restaurant owner’s car.

The ADA asks them to work on the case and babysit the owner Elliot as he was being moved to a hotel for the protection, all the eyes were set to arrest Tony Corsetti as everyone was thinking that he was behind the bombing, but when they reach to arrest Coreeseti they find him dead already and Cole ditches Murtaugh and goes after Corsetti and when he finds him dead he goes after the people who murdered him and gets himself on the news channels as he drives ADA’s car during the chase, where Elliot helps in chasing the suspects as he tells him a shortcut on the phone. For unfollowing, the ADA’s order Cole gets to babysit Elliot and sends the captain and Murtaugh to chase the lead.

Elliot talks Cole down and asks him to call Nattalie and see her right away instead of seeing her at night, Cole falls for it and goes to the lobby and waits for Natalie but she never shows up and then he receives a call about Elliot being the real villain in the whole case, when  he goes to check on Elliot he had already escaped.

They somehow come to the conclusion that Elliot stole 2 million and due to the confusion the owner of the money killed Corsetti. they go after Elliot as Elliot is in the stadium to watch his last hockey game at the stadium, the killers and the detectives follow Elliot as the killers get Elliot’s girlfriend first and ask Elliot to come with the money but Cole and Murtaugh save Elliot and his girlfriend and on the other hand Andrew proposes Natalie in the same stadium.

Lethal Weapon Season 3 Episode 9 spoilers- Cole is all in the Holiday spirit for the Christmas with his daughter Amaya, while Murtaugh expects RJ to come back and celebrate Christmas and spend Holidays from Costa Rica. Meanwhile, Murtaugh and Cole try to solve a complicated burglary and invasion case, on the other hand, Captain Avery’s holidays are a bit gloomy and Baily is still figuring out her terms with her new partner.



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