Hypatia stone may make up with some alien material, not from our solar system

The mysterious stone named Hypatia was found in 1996 in south-west Egypt. After that many scientists have been conducted different research on it. In 2013, a team of researchers informed that it has not belonged from Earth. Later in the year 2015, some researchers announced that the mysterious stone was not from the meteorite or comet.  The gas and nuclear study of the stone had proved that. The tone was named after the scientist Hypatia of Alexander. Well, since few years, scientists are investing more on this rock to detect its exact origin.

However, in their new findings, the scientist has stated that the stone carries some unique composition, an exotic micro-mineral compound which is not there on Earth or in space. Well, it has not solved the question but has raised lot more questions regarding the formation of solar system and origins of this alien stone.

Prof Jan Kramers, lead researcher of the new study “if it were possible to grind up the entire planet Earth to dust in a huge mortar and pestle, we would get dust with on average a similar chemical composition as chondritic meteorites.”

He further stated that chondritic meteorites contain a very small quantity of carbon and more silicon. But in case of Hypatia, the combination is the difference. It has a large amount of carbon but less amount of silicon.

Talking more about the stone, it contains particular carbon compounds which are known as Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). It is a major part of space dust, and it is there in solar system even before the formation of the solar system. When the researchers from the University of Johannesburg examined the rock, the detected fewer amount of silicon which makes the stone different from other space objects.

The scientists also have found that the original size of the rock must have been larger than its actual size. So, it is believed that when the rock is entering into the Earth’s atmosphere, it disintegrated into small parts.

The new study conducted by the University of Johannesburg has been published in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Another strange thing about the stone is it contains pure metallic aluminum, an extremely rare thing in the solar system. Apart from this, the stone has silver iodine phosphide and silicon carbide grains, and a compound of nickel and phosphorus and little iron. It has never been seen on Earth or in meteorites.

The only thing researchers have known that Hypatia was from in a cold environment. The temperature in that place may be lower than the temperature of liquid nitrogen present in the earth with -196 degrees Celsius. So, this thing is not from the asteroid belt of the universe presented between Mars and Jupiter. It is also known as Kuiper Belt the origin of all comets. Some comets come from the Oort Cloud. So, the researchers are now digging more into it to find out the exact origin of the mysterious rock.


  1. The rock on the left looks exactly like the rock that landed in my garden on July 9th, 2017 at 17:35pm. I know because I was standing there when it happened, not to mention all the small shards that landed throughout the garden that I picked out. I still have it. Where would I take it to have it checked?


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