iPhone X delivery time improved to two-four days

The quick-delivery option is also applicable on SIM-free iPhone X versions.

iPhone X, Apple

Apple took the market by a storm back in September this year, with the introduction of their 10th-year-anniversary smartphone, the iPhone X. The handset, however, was made available for purchase two months later, in November. The fans have had to do a lot of waiting to get their hands on the much-awaited electronic piece of power but not anymore. The Cupertino giant, through the means of their official website, has made a significant announcement. As per what Apple had to publish, all the iPhone X units traded via U.S. carriers have been guaranteed to deliver within three to five working days. The list of U.S. carriers includes some huge names such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

The quick-delivery option is also applicable on SIM-free iPhone X versions. This is being perceived by many as a brand-fixing effort from the side of Apple. Unfortunately for those ordering via T-Mobile, they will have to wait for nine days to get their hands on iPhone X units.

According to a report by Apple Insider, the fast delivery option is not just limited to U.S. markets. Apple has extended its support in international markets as well such as Canada and China. Official website of Apple of both the countries showcases the estimated delivery date as being anywhere from one to three working days. As far as European, UK and German markets are concerned, fans will be able to get their hands on iPhone X within three to five working days. However, it will take nine days for interested purchasers in France.

The Tim Cook-led multinational company has also consciously improved its in-store pickup availability in a week’s time. Apple outlets across the United States of America – including in cities such as Los Angeles, Pittsburg, New York and Seattle, show the handset as being available at the majority of the times. Previously, the situation wasn’t as smooth as this. The iPhone X units were shown as out of stock most of the times. With the recent update of shares, interested buyers will mostly be able to purchase the smartphone without facing many troubles. Interestingly enough, KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted this improvement last month. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s supply chain was going to improve due to the boost in retail channels of the firm.

According to a report by 9 to 5 Mac, the Cupertino giant has consciously been trying to diversify its smartphone counterpart orders with different manufacturers. For example, the firm expanded LCP LTE antenna orders with a second manufacturer. The company carried out the same with the TrueDepth camera system feature as well. By doing this, Apple is ensuring that it is never out of stock when it comes to manufacturing iPhone X units. Ming-Chi Kuo further went on to predict that Apple’s assembly partner, Foxconn is manufacturing approximately 450,000 to 550,000 iPhone X units every day, which is considered as a significant improvement. Previously, Foxconn was only assembling around 50,000 to 150,000 iPhone X units each day.

The firm now plans on turning its focus on fixing any problems that might be occurring with the handset. Apple is working on newer software updates, that not only improve the performance of the smartphone and significantly make it faster but also rids the handset of any possible bugs. There have been rumors about a possible 2018 iPhone smartphone in the making as well. Unfortunately, additional details regarding the device are yet to be unraveled.


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