Ishqbaaz 6th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Shivaye Leaves Board Meeting


Om and Rudra gets in trouble. Rudra takes the items and did not pay this. Om says i does not keeps wallet and my wallet is at home. Rudra says my brother is here and i will pay you when he will come till then please take this phone. He gives them Om’s phone. Om gets angry. He sayz we came here to find that girl. Om asks Rudra to take out his phone. He searches but he says i forgot that. Om says you are the biggest problem. Om says what you want to tell. Om says that picture was one month old and its poster will not be there. Anika also gets the same logic.

IshqbaazShivay gets angry and says we became fool. Anika says new poster are applied and old poster will be behind. Anika sees poster and asks Shivay to see. Shivay says you are making me fool.She takes out old poster and sees Fhokat raja poster. They becomes happy. Shivay sees the window. Rudra becomes Tired. He says i cannot search more and please take me to home. Shivay and Anika goes in that room. They finds no one. Shivay says i will inform police. A woman comes and asks who is there. Anika holds her and asks if some girl lives here.

Woman says i live alone here from ten years. Anika says poster was there and i am on right place. Woman acts to be ill. A girl wearing mask sees them and tries to escape but falls. Shivay and Anika see her. Shivay asks who are you. Suddenly that woman hits Shivay and they runs. Anika asks are you fine. Shivay asks her to follow them. Anika runs after girl. Rudra and Om also searches Anika. They sees her running after somebody. Girl goes in auto but Anika catches her. Girl pushes Anika back. Om and Rudra asks girl to stop but girl throws chillies on them. Anika goes to Om and Rudra. Rudra says girl ran away. Shivay comes. Police also come with girl being arrest. Police unmasks her. He says you were right and recording was fake. Shivay asks why you did so. She says Gayatri gave me money to took your name. Rudra says because of me we caught her. Shivay says no. Saumya says we should thank Sahil.


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