Japanese astronaut apologizes for tweeting fake information on growth of human body in space

A few days back, the Japanese astronauts Norishige Kanai informed about very strange thing about human’s body growth rate in the space. Kanai had informed that during the stay at the International space station, his body height had been increased by 3.5 inches, around 9 centimeters.  But later he apologizing said that, this was not true, it was just a measuring error.

When he twitted about this, it had created a lot of questions among the medias and scientists. Then Kanai decided to remeasure his height and found his fault.

Well, height changes in the space is a normal thing. In space, spinal vertebrae can expand more due Earth’s gravitational force. But another strange thing the scientists had found that on Earth, they go back to normal height.

Staying in space for a long period can affect the human body. The American astronauts Scott Kelly also had suffered from this. Kelly has made history by completing a 340-day long trip accompanied by Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Korneinko. This mission was conducted to find out the effect of weightlessness, radiation, and isolation to the human body in space.  When Kelly’s health condition compared with his brother Mark, the scientist detected some major symptoms of different health issues.

Scott Kelly informed that one couldn’t sense own bone mass as the problems are not symptomatic. He further added that he had surfed from soreness, bone loss, little muscle loss, and stiffness. He also found affected by swelling and increase in inner cranial pressure. During his return to earth, he also faced some skin related issues like rashes and hives along with nausea and dizziness.

NASA has informed that, after analyzing the health condition of Kelly, scientists can now develop some way which can reduce the biomedical risk during space travel and it will also help the future human space mission and astronauts can visit Mars and beyond that. To visit Mars, it would be around 30 months journey which is much more than the time humans have been spent in space.

The study shows some health issues which need to overcome. The scientists have found due to gravitational energy astronauts can face loss of bone density by 1 per cent in a month. It can develop osteoporosis-related issues. In lower gravity body fluid started to shift upwards which can cause swelling and high blood pressure. The space radiation can be another major problem for the astronauts traveling to space.

However, it has been proved that growth of height in space is very common. But the tweet about the increase of body height by 3.5 inches had created some serious buzz among the scientist. Kanai later tweeted that “This mis-measurement appears to have become a big deal, so I must apologize for this terrible fake news … It appears I can fit on the Soyuz, so I‘m relieved. The Japanese astronauts will return to Earth in April.


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