Kasam 5th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Colors Tv: Tannu Will Leave Village With Her Sisters


The show starts and we see tannu helps amit and shalu and sends them from back gate of her house and sandy stops villagers and they hit him on arm and run outside to find them, and tanuja goes to take care of him but bani and neha stares at her and sandy forces her to go and sleep, and takes all blame on him. there rano is happy and beeji tells her that manpreet and yuvi have gone behind rishi.


Rano asks raaj that why he is upset has he any problem with malika’s being divorcee and he says that no he has not problem with that just he is thinking that how rishi can suddenly agrees and if he is not happy with decision he should not marry her but rano insists that rishi has burnt all his memories with tanu as her photos and raaj asks her to talk to rishi once more and she agrees. there manpreet and yuvi go to rishi in his room and congratulate him for his disision and manpreet talks about love at first sight and bla bla bla but yuvi scolds him to not to talk these non sense in front of rishi and rishi says then if they are done they can go coz he is feeling sleepy.

There vidhi and nidhi talks about that couple they have saved and just then tanu says standing beside window that how can someone sacrifice her life for someone and that girl was ready to do that then nidhi and vidhi say no one can do it and tannu says she can do and talks about love but they stops her saying stop your non sense and take her attention to the gossips of boys of village and say tanu is of no use finding her uninterested and they sleep.

But tanu thinks about shalu and her father’s word that she has made for someone and sleeps on a couch and gets dream of a couple parting away in Mumbai and wake up with worries and says that its a bad dream and maybe about that boy she has never met but seems as she knows him but was blurred and vidhi ask her to sleep but she thinks that why she saw Mumbai central station when she has never gone there, in the next morning rano asks rishi about fixing his marriage with malika showing his birth chart which says he will be married twice and rishi says hat she wants to meet malika in alone and she agrees, there manpreet is in hurry and hits ahaana with mistake and she drops all gifts in her hand and argues with her and then he appreciates her for setteling down with him and smile then rano informs ahaana about rishi’s marriage and she is upset. There in next morning bani taunts tanuja about panchait and stops her when she tries to go to panchait.

Precap: we will see that bani calls tanuja a maid and sandy will say tanuja to leave this village………


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