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Man slashes tires of 22 hospital worker in Hudson Valley Hospital

29 Year-Old arrested for deflating 22 hospital staff tires in New York.

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The entire world is struggling with the pandemic of Coronavirus while a new report has come up from New York. The report projects an incident of tire deflation of all hospital staff including nurses, doctors and others who are standing ahead to fight against COVID-19.

Employees who are working tirelessly and courageously in this pandemic didn’t feel the love Friday morning. After an overnight shift at New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital, staff finds their car tires deflated or slashed.

A total of 22 vehicles were found with slashed tires in the hospital parking lot, and police have arrested a suspect in the incident. The New York Police said in a statement they “received a complaint of criminal mischief” at around 7 in the morning.

The arrested suspect named Daniel Hall, 29 have been booked at Westchester County Jail against the charges of criminal mischief, auto stripping, and possession of a controlled substance. Police said in a statement, Hall had a small amount of phencyclidine (PCP) at the time of his arrest. Also, he is due in court on May 18.

The Journal News states that the hospital management will pay for the damages. A day before the incident happened, dozens of police officers gathered outside the hospital in the evening to applaud the health care workers.

“We were shocked to hear of this incident, especially at this time when our employees are working tirelessly and courageously” through the pandemic, the hospital said in a statement, adding that it was focusing on “the beautiful tribute given by our first responders.”



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