Mysterious boom rattles the world, leaves NASA confused

Mysterious boom rattles the world

People from all across the world are baffled by the recent series of booming sounds being experienced at various corners of the globe. These alarming noises are being heard in places starting from the Middle East to East Midlands and various other places. Australia and major parts of America have also experienced the same sounds at various locations. These boom sounds have been named as “Bama Boom.” On October 10th, loud booms were heard in Cairns which created a situation of panic in the minds of the citizens. Scientists are speculating that these sounds could derive its origin from supersonic aircrafts or exploding meteors in Earth’s atmosphere, but nothing is known for certain as of now.

As per reports, the latest one was heard in Alabama and Idaho in the US last week. The Birmingham National Weather Service reported the incident in a tweet which read as follows:
“Loud boom heard: we do not see anything indicating large fire/smoke on radar or satellite; nothing on USGS indicating an earthquake”

Scientists even speculate this unexplained boom to be caused by Leonid shower which is an annual meteor shower that is observed in the middle of November. But the continuous reports of these booms from all around the world have forced the scientists to reconsider the fact that this could be a result of Leonid shower.

Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office explains that the boom was more likely a result of some supersonic aircraft, a ground-based explosion or even a bolide which is a big meteor that explodes in the atmosphere which is nowhere related to the Leonid shower. The US Geological Survey also picked up the boom sounds and confirmed that they didn’t originate from any Earthquake which raises questions to the unusual shake being experienced along with the sounds. According to the cumulative reports, in the year 2017, more than 64 such Bama Boom have been heard all over the world which include locations like Lapland, Swansea, St Ives, Michigan and many others.

The booming noise in Cairns was associated with an FA-18 Hornet Plane flying nearby, but just two weeks later a similar boom was heard around the Eyre Peninsula located in the Southern periphery of Australia. This time the sound came in with a visual of a blue colored meteor. As explained by a Port Lincoln Local Lisa Watson, “As the meteor approached towards us, it started looking bigger and eventually exploded with a flash and numerous sparks coming out of it from all directions. Watson further added that the moment she pulled up at her home, she heard two loud bangs which were just seconds apart and caused the sky to light up again. This time it wasn’t just sound and light but the land beneath shook twice.

Cooke assures that NASA’s meteor scientists are analyzing various data provided by the sightings and sounds to determine the cause of the Bama Boom. Although the majority of evidence points towards meteor explosion, nothing can be said for sure as of now. These events could point out a whole new event that has been unseen or unheard up until now but that’s all a speculation, and the real reason is awaited by the citizens to be found out by the scientists.


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