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Powerball is the lottery which is operated by Tatts Group in Australia under the name of The Lott and also have the license subsidiaries which includes, South Wales, Tattersalls in Victoria, Golden Casket in Queensland and South Australis Lotteries in South Australia.

Powerball Results (Australia), Winning Numbers of 06 December 2018

Powerball Lotteries Draw in Australia takes place on every Thursday. As soon as the results are announced, we are going to cover that.

Latest Powerball Results are: 

14 6 26 3 20 5 33 Powerball- 19

Hope you win and best of luck!

In case if you missed the numbers of previous Lotteries draw then here are they:

Thurday 29 November 2018- 3 5 17 20 22 29 33 Powerball- 12

Prize Money of the Powerball Lottery

The estimated lottery jackpot is said to be about AU$12,000,000 and which is indeed a great amount. This life-changing amount can be win by the people in the next few minutes.

How to play Powerball?

The new Australian Powerball since March 2013 draws six regular numbers from one pool of 40, with the Powerball drawn from a separate pool of 20 numbers

Australians always collect the prize in lump-sum value and the highest Australian Powerball jackpot was around A$80 million in last 2009. Americans lottery are always taxable but there is no tax collected in the Australia for Australian Powerball Winners.

The host of Australian Powerball drawings is Troy Ellis, with the draw broadcast on television when the Division 1 pool is at least $15 million.

The game was revamped on 1 March 2013; it will draw six regular numbers plus a Powerball. This will allow the introduction of an 8th Division (two main numbers plus the Powerball). Other changes include an increase of 10c per play, and the introduction of an option (QuickHit40) which will “wheel” the 40 Powerballs although not guaranteeing a prize.

The game will change again starting with the Powerball draw on 19 April 2018. with the intention of offering bigger jackpots and creating more overall winners. In each draw, seven regular numbers will be selected from a guess range of 1-35, while the additional Powerball continues to be drawn from a separate pool of 20 numbers. A new, 9th Prize Division will be added. To enable the new format, the cost of Powerball entries will be increased.

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