Water is the most essential source and the most important source of living and the condition of water all around the world nowadays is devastating as the impurities that are found in water are causing a bad effect over everyone out there. A report was out recently by the non-profit Environmental Working Group and Northeastern University which showed the number of people in the country is in contact with the unhygienic drinking water. As per the reports, the number of state locations which have PFAS chemicals in the water is 43 which also includes the drinking water sites, these chemicals can cause some serious damage and health issues like cancer, infertility, and birth defects which can even ruin the lives of people.

According to the data collected from the Pentagon and water utility, it showed that more than 19 million people are using the unhygienic water that contains PFAS chemicals in them. The number of locations that are exposed to contaminated water is 610 which includes military bases to civilian airports, industrial plants, dumps, and firefighter training sites. CBSN’s Anne-Marie Green conveyed, “This should be frightening to all Americans in many ways,” David Andrews, a senior scientist for the Environmental Working Group, these chemicals… don’t break down in our body and they don’t break down in our environment and they actually stick to our blood. So levels tend to increase over time.”

Andrews also conveyed, “These chemicals can impact a lot of different health systems, cause numerous health problems, everything from testicular and kidney cancer, heart to the liver, heart to the thyroid,” adding that the chemicals which are found in the contaminated water leave a bad effect on childhood development, low weight of the new-born child and immune system. Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group said, “The Environmental Protection Agency has utterly failed to address PFAS with the seriousness this crisis demands, leaving local communities and states to grapple with a complex problem rooted in the failure of the federal chemical regulatory system, EPA must move swiftly to set a truly health-protective legal limit for all PFAS chemicals, requiring utilities to clean up contaminated water supplies.”


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