BioWorks is coming up with the new machinery that is going to be installed in the Flint Water Park. The function of the machine is to convert the waste food into energy. BioWorks Energy LLC has been working on this project since 2009. The process of converting the waste into energy is quite fascinating as the waste food is going to be processed in the machinery and later will be converted into biogas which will be later used in different types of machinery. The biogas which will be produced by the processing of the waste food will be methane as it is generally obtained by the fermentation of the organic matter.

The waste which will be converted into biogas will have a tendency to generate 200 to 300 kW of electrical energy which can be used to power their own plant. Because of the rising temperature and climate change, different organizations are opting different tactics to conquer the expanding calamity and there will be the time when the effect of climate change will decrease. The process of recycling and reusing of different kind of products is difficult and the collection of the waste materials also matter in the conversion of the energy. To conquer the problem, there will be depackagers which will allow the small business owners to keep the waste stuff out of their landfills and as this will also decrease the amount of garbage in the area and different landfills.

BioWork is going to take Flint Water Pollution Plant on lease which is situated in Zimpro as they will set up their machinery in the treatment plant. The city council of Flint has approved the request of the lease at the building address 4652 Beecher Street annually for $2,400 with a 6-1 vote on Tuesday, May 28. Third Ward Council member Santino Guerra dissented. There will be trailers which will carry the waste to the plant and the about 10,000 gallons of waste food will be processed at the plant.



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