Cambridge University scientists have come up with some new ideas to save the planet Earth from ending and the idea seems pretty interesting as it includes refreezing the Arctic, sucking harmful excess carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and “greening” the oceans. The project is being coordinated under the supervision of Dr. Emily Shuckburgh and Professor Sir David King, the former UK chief scientific adviser and special representative for climate change, as he explained, “time “is no longer on our side. What we continue to do, what we do that is new, and what we plan to do over the next 10 to 12 years will determine the future of humanity for the next 10,000.”

Dr. Shuckburgh said, “When considering how to tackle a problem as large, complex and urgent as climate change, we need to look at the widest possible range of ideas and to investigate radical innovations such as those proposed by Sir David. In assessing such ideas, we need to explore all aspects, including the technological advances required, the potential unintended consequences and side effects, the costs, the rules and regulations that would be needed, as well as the public acceptability.”

Professor Callum Roberts of York University talked about the new strategies they should opt to reverse the harm done to the planet. He said, “Early in my career, people threw their hands up in horror at suggestions of more interventionist solutions to fix coral reefs. Now they are looking in desperation at an ecosystem that will be gone at the end of the century and now all options are on the table. At the moment, I happen to think that harnessing nature to mitigate climate change is a better way to go, but I do see the legitimacy of exploring more radical options as a means of steering us towards a better future.”


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