Global Warming hike has been there for a while now and the way it is affecting our environment may get us to an end very soon as expected. Recent reports showed that the temperature in Arkhangelsk, Northern Russia has risen up from its normal temperature 12-degree Celsius to 29-degree Celsius was recorded on May 11, 2019. It is not even summers yet and the temperature hike in the Arctic area has risen up and the reason behind this calamity is the disturbance in weather system and rapid fluctuations in the jet stream.

The rising global warming is the reason for rapid climate change and the effects of it are on such extent that the rising temperature is affecting nature as well as the wildlife and the increasing carbon dioxide levels are making it tough for the nature to survive. Preventive measures are must be taken as soon as possible, otherwise, the day is not so far that there will be calamities all over the world. The size of the Arctic sea ice has also decreased because of the rising temperatures as of the records from April 2019 and the levels of carbon dioxide were never seen increased on such an extensive level and if we dig deep into the current situation, the last time our Earth had so much of carbon dioxide was back more than three million years ago.

It is not just the normal carbon dioxide that we are talking about, it is that greenhouse gas that harmfully effects our climate as it gets trapped in our atmosphere. According to the professor from Scripps Institute of Oceanography which one of the most well known established research centers, Ralph Keeling said that this amount of rising of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is, “unambiguously caused by human activity, principally fossil-fuel burning“.



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