Coffee is loved by more than half of the population around the world. Coffee is like an elixir for some people and some people drink coffee to keep themselves active as coffee has enzymes that give an instant energy rush to the body as it increases the flow of blood which makes a person active enough to survive the day. There are some studies which have shown the negative side of the coffee intake as according to those studies, the higher intake of coffee can cause stiffening of the arteries and even cause a stroke or a heart attack.

But recent studies conducted by the researchers came with good news, as it was shown that those who even consumed 25 cups of coffee in a day were as same as those who did not consume even a single cup of coffee. The British Heart Foundation invested in the research as the scientists studied around 8,000 British people and the results that came out were just amazing as those who consumed up to 5 cups of coffee in a day were as same as those who did not consume even a single cup of coffee as there were no effects on the arteries of the people who were consuming more coffee.

The scientists at the Queen Mary University of London performed the study and presented the results at the British Cardiovascular Society conference. The leader of the study Kenneth Fung told CNN, “What we found was that drinking more than three cups of coffee a day did not significantly increase the stiffness of blood vessels compared to people who drink one cup or less a day. The main message for people to take away from this is that coffee can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle, and coffee lovers can be reassured by this result in terms of blood vessel stiffness outcomes.” And if we do not control the climate change, the coffee lovers may get affected by the lack of coffee as coffee beans need a perfect season and atmosphere to grow. If the emission of the greenhouse gasses doesn’t stop then the whole world will lose coffee.


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