Coral reefs are dying slowly and that can impose problems. The coral reef is the underwater ecosystem, most of them are built by calcium carbonate or from stony corals. The polyps are also there. Corals are often referred to as “rainforests of the sea” Dr. Brian LaPointe is doing efforts to save the coral reefs and now he is not quiet. He has raged an outbreak to save the biodiversity of oceans. He has collected the data which can save the worth of data which tells how the reefs are getting destroyed.

Big Pine Key is one of the places where nature and divers meet. Approximately 20,000 divers are here who go to the Florida Keys to observe the coral reefs. “It breaks my heart, it’s one of the greatest disappointments of my 40-year career,” LaPointe said. LaPointe clears that all the coral reefs have gone down to less than 5% and nitrogen levels are also significantly increasing day by day.

The coral reef is dying because of Coral bleaching, septic discharge and also some diseases like stony coral tissue loss. LaPointe have recently let showed the videos and data he has collected. Looe Key Reef is the last living reef in North America and according to LaPointe, it is on the verge of extinction. Another reason for extinction is the discharges from Lake Okeechobee. LaPointe said his data can prove this water, loaded with nitrogen, has slowly suffocated Looe Key Reef.

“We really need an epiphany to rethink what we’re doing to the water down here,” LaPointe said. As the reef grows in clean water then the only solution is to clean the water from Lake Okeechbobee so that when it flows south then the nitrogen is removed.


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