Atlantic ocean which is the second largest ocean in the world, is slowing down and the water current is slowing down. Atlantic ocean is the center for the exchange of the warm water and cold water which regulates the global climate and the flux of heat. This is the reason why Atlantic ocean is said to be the conveyor belt of the ocean.

According to a new research, Atlantic meridional overturning circulation or AMOC is the system of the Atlantic Ocean currents that can carry warm water north and cold water to the south. The research which is published in Nature, says that the Atlantic current had got slowed to about 15 percent since the mid-twentieth century. AMOC plays an important role in regulating the global climate but the climate change is slowing down its current.

Jon Robson, who study’s authors and a researcher at the University of Reading States said that he is following the historical data that are available for the AMOC, and it is for last 100 years. He said that the report shows the lowest point as compared to the last few 1000 years.

Two new studies are published in Nature and the first study shows, that the researchers took a look at the ocean floor sediment which is said to be a reliable way to check the strength of the current. The second study shows us that the advanced climate models which are created and the same is compared with the sea temperatures over the past hundred years.

According to the professor, Murray Roberts who is at University of Edinburgh said that “ These delicate ecosystems rely on ocean currents to supply their food and disperse their off springs.” This thing can be controlled by controlling the output of greenhouse gas emissions which can help in preventing the global warming.

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